Listing Record Fields

fields_get() can be used to inspect a model’s fields and check which ones seem to be of interest.

Because it returns a large amount of meta-information (it is also used by client programs) it should be filtered before printing, the most interesting items for a human user are string (the field’s label), help (a help text if available) and type (to know which values to expect, or to send when updating a record).

GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/fields_get


GET /restapi/1.0/object/res.partner/fields_get?allfields=[]&attributes=['string','help','type'] HTTP/1.1
Host: {your_Odoo_server_url}


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  'fields': {
      'ean13': {
          'type': 'char',
          'help': 'BarCode',
          'string': 'EAN13'
      'property_account_position_id': {
          'type': 'many2one',
          'help': 'The fiscal position will determine taxes and accounts used for the partner.',
          'string': 'Fiscal Position'
      'signup_valid': {
          'type': 'boolean',
          'help': '',
          'string': 'Signup Token is Valid'
      'date_localization': {
          'type": 'date',
          'help": '',
          'string': 'Geo Localization Date'
      'ref_company_ids': {
          'type': 'one2many',
          'help': '',
          'string': 'Companies that refers to partner'
      'sale_order_count': {
          'type': 'integer',
          'help': '',
          'string': '# of Sales Order'
      'purchase_order_count': {
          'type': 'integer',
          'help': '',
          'string': '# of Purchase Order'
Query Parameters:
  • allfields – OPTIONAL. list of fields to document, all if empty or not provided
  • attributes – OPTIONAL. list of description attributes to return for each field, all if empty or not provided
Request Headers:
  • Accept – the response content type depends on Accept header
  • Authorization – The OAuth protocol parameters to authenticate.
Response Headers:
Status Codes: